Havsbandet Guesthouse & Conference has a beautiful location by the Sea of Åland, in Eckerö. The guesthouse has 20 rooms, all of which are individually decorated; a cosy restaurant and a large dining terrace with a sea-view. Only a few steps from the terrace, there is a sandy shore with shallow waters. Take another few steps to the north, and you find yourself by the sea bay in front of the Post & Customs House, where you can enjoy a swim, right by the stunning red granite cliffs. Driftwood, textiles and Åland sheep hides are some interesting details in the interior. Instead of only buying new products, we have put effort into reuse, which you can see for example in the bar, where the glasses are hanging from old bent forks. In the restaurant you will also find wooden pieces from the shipwreck of the 150-year old galeas Hilda. Very welcome to get inspired! Beatrice Nordling & Inga Keisele